I am an Adult Nurse Practitioner who really wants to help people avoid Type 2 Diabetes and/or treat it with a minimum of drugs.  Please be sensible and realize I am not offering anyone individualized medical treatment or advice via a blog. Read, learn, and consult your own medical practitioner if you decide to follow a LCHF way of eating. 

Years ago I was obese, sick, had no energy, and used to stay up late at night after my family went to bed to eat all by myself.  One night I ate so much that I made myself physically ill and realized I had to do something.  I read about the Atkins plan online, figured it was too good to be true, but decided I would follow it to the letter for 10 days to see what would happen.  I lost 8 lbs in those 10 days while eating eggs, cheese, steak, burgers, salads, broccoli, green beans, butter.

A few days after starting the diet I found a copy of Dr. Atkins’ 1972 book (Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution: The High Calorie Way to Stay Thin Forever) at Goodwill.  I continued to read, joined discussion forums online to converse with others learning how to eat this way, found and tried new recipes, etc. I discovered a world of vegetables I thought I disliked, but that were fantastic when cooked correctly.  

Several weeks into this I saw my doctor for a scheduled check up with labs.  Keep in mind my physician had never once mentioned any abnormal lab results to me – I was not an NP at that time.  She was amazed that my triglycerides were normal…they were 333 at the most recent check.  Fasting glucose also normal…had been elevated above 125 in the past but I had not been informed. My HDL was on the way upward, just as it should’ve been.  In short I was rapidly improving my health and losing weight, but I had been in the dark about how sick I was before and had no clue I was knocking on Diabetes’ front door! 

People started to notice I was losing weight and that was fun.  So many great experiences, one after the other, kept me on track.


  • The first time I saw my collarbone in the mirror
  • Crying in a dressing room when I tried on I’ll-never-fit-in-that-size pants and they zipped. Easily!
  • The first time someone referred to me as slender
  • Walking with my husband, kids, dogs without my joints hurting or becoming short of breath
  • Gaining confidence to further my education so I could help other people
  • Meeting Eric Westman, who seriously made me feel legit
  • Rejoicing with a patient who lost 100 lbs and no longer required insulins, but only a bare minimum of medication to have perfectly normal blood sugar…seeing his confidence soar and change his whole attitude

I look so forward to hearing about your individual highlights, triumphs, and plans to spread the word that LCHF is key to weightloss good health.  

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