Low Carb Sweets and Treats – Yes or No?

Low Carb RN (CDE)

Let me say first, that this page supports people on every part of their journey to good health with a low carb lifestyle.  But low carb doesn’t mean the same thing to every person.  Some people, like me, have to be very strict low carb in order to keep weight and metabolic markers controlled.  But some people that are metabolically gifted, have long term good health and normal weight, and just live a low carb lifestyle for the health benefits, may not have to be as strict at me.  For me, low carb doesn’t include sugar, grains, starches or 99% of fruit.  But others can sometimes tolerate some natural starches and some fruit (I still promote sugar and grain elimination for all people regardless of health or weight).

So what about low carb sweets and treats?  I have many followers who are adamantly opposed to any kind of sweets and…

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