Chicken Nuggets…and they’re fried!

Chicken Nuggets!

Okay, I am not a food blogger and I am definitely NOT a photographer.

But every now and then I throw something together that is just too good to keep to myself. So today I share with you Chicken Nuggets. You are welcome!

Easy to make, cooks in less than 15 minutes, golden-brown delicious, and made without fakeness. I made one generously-sized boneless, skinless chicken breast and it was so filling I couldn’t finish it, so saved some for tomorrow.

  1. Cut a chicken breast into nugget-sized bits
  2. Crack a whole egg into a bowl, fork it up, set it aside
  3. Put some pork rinds into a quart-size zipper bag and then smash them into crumbs. You want roughly 1/2 cup of crumbs
  4. Into the pork rinds bag add: 1/2 cup almond flour, generous shake of good salt, several shakes of black pepper, a couple shakes of paprika and shake it all up together (see the pic…you want plenty of black pepper and paprika)
  5. Heat the skillet to medium and melt 1-2 T coconut oil in the pan. Coconut oil is great to fry in since it can take the heat for longer time without oxidizing, turning black, and generally making your house a smoking mess.
  6. Dump the nuggets into the bowl with beaten egg, smoosh them around to coat
  7. Using a slotted spoon (or your fingers) grab a few nuggets out of the egg (let some drain off) and then plop them into the zipper bag with the breading. Shake, shake, shake!
  8. Carefully place the coated nuggets into the coconut oil.  Repeat until all your chicks are frying.
  9. I cooked mine 10-12 mins, but your timing may vary depending on the size of your nuggets. Let them brown nicely before you go moving them/flipping them so the coating stays in place nicely.

Obviously this would work for chicken tenders. I think I’ll try it next with fish but will omit the paprika and use a little Old Bay instead.

***Almost forgot to mention…blood sugar prior to eating was 80. I ate about 2/3 of the recipe (some of the breading was leftover and went to the trash) + a lot of Heinz low-sugar ketchup and my blood sugar one hour later was 93. Not too shabby!

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