Conference -Day 2

Today’s content is all diabetes. Since diabetes has been the focus of my existence for the past 4+ years, I am geekily looking forward to learning some things that will help my patients…and myself.

Breakfast offered this a.m. was cereal, nonfat milk, fruit juices, and muffins as big as my HEAD!  When I got a pic of the muffins I told a woman next to me (she’s a PA or NP imagesince all of us here are) I am blogging the foods offered to us this week.



She said, “Have you seen our patients’ meal trays?”  Obviously she works inpatient.

Yes. Yes I have seen patients’ meal trays. And I realize the struggle of the dietary department in a facility. Dietary has to satisfy the USDA who approves meal programs at hospitals, nursing homes, public schools, daycare centers…and who (coincidentally?) runs subsidy programs for soy, corn, dairy, and wheat farmers. And there is waste of a great amount of facility food since patients are sick, NPO (nothing by mouth) for procedures, may not feel like eating, may sleep through a meal, etc. So cheap and USDA-approved foods are the rule.

For a patient who is diabetic and would benefit from weight loss (the majority of patients I see) I at least try to get them to identify the carbs on the tray so they can are aware of the foods that make the blood sugar go up.  I tell them the truth about the cost of meals + USDA requirements, then I tell them I would not recommend they eat this same way at home.  If the patient seems receptive, I introduce ways to eat at home that will reduce the carbs, improve the blood sugar, and help with weight loss.

There will be none of that information presented at the conference today, sadly. But I plan to touch base with one of the organizers this afternoon to find out if they would like to include a segment on LCHF at next year’s meeting. Cross your fingers!

By the way, my breakfast today was coffee and a Quest Bar smeared with butter.  A breakfast of real food would have been preferable, but I didn’t have time. For me, a Quest Bar is a good emergency food.


One thought on “Conference -Day 2

  1. crossing my fingers and toes! so need for the medical community to wake up. Having spent so much time in and out of the hospital the food was so nutritionally empty. Thanks for doing your part.


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