Conference Day 1 – Typical Breakfast

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Good morning from Day 1 of the Metabolic & Endocrine Disease Summit in hot & sunny Las Vegas! I will be posting some of the meals offered to attendees, along with what I eat/drink instead of the meals.

This morning is typical continental-style fare with sweetened fruited yogurts, cold cereals, fat-free milk, muffins, fruit, chocolate quick bread.  Everything is low fat, of course.

I skipped all that and instead had a coffee from Starbucks with butter & heavy cream added. They look at ya a little funny when you order it that way but it really is delicious. I have macadamia nuts and a Quest bar in my bag but doubt I’ll get hungry before lunch.

Mostly I am dehydrated from the flight yesterday…I didn’t drink nearly enough in effort to avoid the lavatory. Got to Vegas in time for a short stroll and something to eat. Hubby & I split a grass- fed cheeseburger (no bun for me) and I had a beautiful side salad with ranch dressing. Just enough food since I don’t like a big meal in the evenings most of the time.  I’ll be drinking loads of water today and plan to get a green tea from Starbucks later.  My daughter hooked me on The green tea from Starbucks…refreshing!

What are your suggestions for being away from home and trying to avoid excess carbs?

One thought on “Conference Day 1 – Typical Breakfast

  1. Pretty sad spread. Thank goodness you know how to maneuver through it.


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