LCHF in Vegas?



Headed to Fabulous Las Vegas tomorrow for an endocrinology conference. I’ll be posting some of the menus of what will be offered to attendees – it’s a safe bet (see what I just did there?) the food will be very high-carb, based on past conferences I’ve been to.

I will also be posting what I actually eat/drink.

Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “LCHF in Vegas?

  1. I work in healthcare and am always amused (an annoyed) by the unhealthy food choices they give us. Funny that healthcare providers wouldn’t be more ahead of the game in that regard.


    • I liked to starved one year at a conference in Savannah! Breakfast was juice, pastries, fruits. Lunch was sandwiches, chips, fruit, sweetened/fruited yogurts and cookies.
      I’ve learned to pack some Quest bars for emergencies! One great thing about keto adapted, I can now skip meals without wilting the way I used to.

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  2. Hopefully they are offering buffet options if so you are safe since there is always something low carb you can grab. However, if not you will need to pack some snacks. Keep us posted.


  3. I have seen posts from similar conferences on another blog (dietdoctor maybe?) and they were really bad processed foods. Its kind of ironic really. You would think they would ensure they were offering appropriate food choices for the subject matter of the conference!

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my Day 1!

    Going to stick around and read more of your posts to help keep me on the right track!


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