Preach what you practice?

Had a conversation about local restaurants the other day with some nurses at the hospital. One was going on about some delicious french toast she’d had. When she asked me if I’d tried it I reminded her that I don’t eat sugar. Or gluten.

She said, “Wow, you really practice what you preach.”

I said, “No. I preach what I practice.”

See, I started LCHF years before I trained as a nurse practitioner. And I trained as a NP because I knew I had something that would improve people’s lives. Healthcare providers should live it, right?

What do you really know about your healthcare provider(s) and their habits? Are they healthy? Are they preaching what they practice?

3 thoughts on “Preach what you practice?

  1. sadly most don’t no wonder our healthcare needs an overhaul


    • Exactly. And it makes me sad sometimes to hear how healthcare providers talk about patients…as if people won’t make positive changes to their health, they won’t change the way they day, they won’t take a walk, etc., so let’s just put some more meds on.
      People should know what their options are to help make their health better…and then they can decide whether to try those things or not. It is not our job to assume people won’t make changes.
      But it takes a lot of time to talk with patients about change…writing a script is quick!

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      • So true. In the end I spent years going from doctor to doctor medicine to yet more medicine only to get worse. It was not until I drew the line in the sand and did my own research that I began the journey of true Heath. That’s why today like you I am shouting from the rooftops to help people see the light. 😁


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