Stay Focused on the Positive


Recently I had an incredible patient in the office who inspired me to stay focused on the positive.  He started eating strict LCHF in an effort to improve his diabetes management; he’d become disgusted with rapid weight gain and ever-increasing insulin doses over the past several months.

A few weeks ago he was in the office with an elevated A1c and 14-lb weight gain since his most recent visit.  “Tell me what to do because I can’t keep going like this,” he said.  So I gave him the quick-and-easy LCHF talk, a one-sheet list of foods to eat, told him to cut out bread, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pasta, fruit, sweet drinks, etc., and asked him to come back within the next month so we could celebrate his results.  I wrote down a quick guide for reducing his insulin doses based on his blood sugar readings and told him he would need to check his blood sugar very frequently if he decided to follow the plan.

When he returned for that planned visit, we had a lot to celebrate!  Not only did he stop gaining weight, but he was down by 10 lbs.  Not only did he reduce his insulin doses, he stopped using insulins altogether 2 or 3 days before his appointment.  I had a download of his glucometer readings to show that his blood sugars have ranged from 93-112 over the past few days…you could look at the readings and literally see the progress as it occurred.  Amazing.

Was he bemoaning the fact that he’d lived 3 weeks without his beloved tortillas, french fries, and pineapple?  Quite the contrary, he was focused on all the things he can eat and enjoy – some of which he’d never even tried before.  He has tried types of fish that are new to him, discovered he likes the taste of water, and even enjoyed a buffet meal after instructing the server NOT to bring bread to the table.

Focus on the array of delicious foods you can enjoy and still meet your goal to stay on the plan.  Try a new vegetable this week, or go online and find a new recipe for a cut of meat you already know you like and prepare it in a new way.  Stay Positive!

3 thoughts on “Stay Focused on the Positive

  1. I’m type II and it is sooooo hard for me to give up my potatoes! I’ve recently tried cauliflower in it’s place (mashed, “loaded” baked) and it’s pretty darn close! I still need to try the “rice”, I’m sure I’ll love it 🙂


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