Getting Started…what takes us so long?

What is it that makes change so difficult?  Even when we know a change needs to happen, we drag our feet.  Even when we know doing something new would be great, we make excuses for why we just can’t right now.  Human nature?  Probably.

I’ve been trying to get this blog started for months – finally my husband put a laptop in my hands and said, “Go!” so here I am.  Maybe you’ve been considering making positive changes to your health for some time, but just haven’t taken that first step in a new direction.  It’s tough.  I know.

A little about me:  I grew up as the “chubby” kid.  Teased through the 1970s with “fatty, fatty, 2×4, can’t fit through the kitchen door” by other kids (What the H did that mean, anyway?!) and I was a bona-fide obese person by my 20s.  I had babies rapid-fire (there’s a mental image for your day!) and got a little fatter between each pregnancy.

I’d tried several weight-loss methods…you’ve heard about them, maybe tried them yourself.  The grapefruit diet (that one was to get into a prom dress…shopping as a chubby girl is a whole blog post to itself!), the Scarsdale Diet, First Place (a Christian-centered weight loss method that used a 1200-cal ADA exchange diet), etc.  In the early 90s I ate extremely low-fat for about 1-2 years and exercised like a fiend with the result of about 20 lbs lost and I was hungry ALL THE TIME! Even eating low-fat & nearly vegetarian, doing exercise videos 3-5x week (Susan Powter, if you can remember her), riding bikes all over town with the kids, etc., I couldn’t get my weight below 210.  And did I mention I was hungry ALL the time?!

*Incidentally, low-fat dieting is where I developed my near-obsessive passion for Frosted Mini-Wheats.  Holy Moses, I think I would have sacrificed a kidney to get Frosted Mini-Wheats, had there been some critical shortage.  Sad.

Gave up for many years and just bought bigger clothes.  Then I stumbled upon the Atkins Diet online in a fit of desperation.  I’ll tell you all about that in future post.  Just know that I started Atkins August 10, 2004 and I still celebrate my Atkins-versary every year.

Take a moment and think about one change you can make TODAY.  You’re not going to starting thinking about planning to get ready to be fixin to make a change  – you’re going to make ONE CHANGE TODAY.  Could be as simple as swapping out your Coca-Cola for a Sprite Zero, ordering water at lunch instead of sweet tea, or eating your sandwich on one piece of bread instead of two.  Whatever it is, get started.  What’s taking you so long?


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